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Packing for college is wayyyy easier than it seems – just a few little hacks can make the packing process go from stressful to smooth. Before you start packing, keep these five tips in mind.

1.       Label Boxes by Area

Grouping your things by room will save you loads of time with packing and unpacking. Organize boxes with set labels of your bedroom stuff, bathroom, and desk to make sure everything stays in order. Trust us, it will make un-packing a breeze.


2.       Clothes Hanging Hack

Have a ton of clothes on hangers that you don’t want to fold and rehang? No worries – you don’t need to! Create a small hole at the bottom of a garbage bag and flip it upside down. Thread the hangers through the hole and tie the bag at the bottom to keep your clothes together and voila!


3.       Go-To Duffle Bag

Don’t make the mistake of packing everything – you’ll regret it. Use a duffle bag to pack some overnight clothes, daily toiletries, and chargers for your electronics. You’ll be glad all of your super important necessities are within easy reach. Check out these great duffle bags.


4.       Vacuum Sealed Bags

The more room for clothes, the better! Invest in bags that you can stuff with your clothes in and then vacuum seal shut. It’s a space saver and also makes the boxes lighter. Interested? Here they are!


5.       Bare Necessities

Since dorm rooms are small, you don’t have much space for random stuff. Make sure what you bring to college is necessary and useful. Keep in mind – you’ll be sharing your space with someone else, so be respectful and don’t let your stuff get all up in their grill.