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Craft supplies are great to have around when you’re feeling creative, but they can clutter up your living space when they don’t have a home. Plus, if you have young kids at home, a stray tub of glitter or paint could very well mean the end of your pristine furniture! Whether you’re into DIY gifts, decorating, or the latest trend in arts and crafts, a craft closet can help you maintain an organized and calming environment.

A Home for Everything

The key to a successful craft closet is organization. If you plan on including the kids’ craft supplies in the same closet as your own, make it a learning experience and include them in the process of organizing. Everyone involved will find that crafting time feels far more relaxing, fun, and efficient when you don’t have to spend it rustling through bins for the materials you need.


Start organizing your craft closet by finding containers that work for your supplies. Plastic storage bins with clear drawers are a go-to for many crafters. These organizers come in all shapes and sizes, so you should be able to find one that will fit into your closet. Crafters love clear organizers because they make it easy to tell what’s in each drawer. And, if the drawers are removable, it’s easy to carry them between the closet and your workstation.

Fabric storage cubes are also a favorite among crafters (and parents). They’re designed to fit cube bookshelves, but they can use with any kind of shelving. Of course, whichever containers you choose, make sure to grab some smaller containers with dividers for your more delicate materials like pins, buttons, and thread.

Make it Ergonomic

Which supplies do you use the most? Position those in containers level with your torso to avoid reaching, squatting, or bending over. If you have small children, place the crayons, stickers, and craft paper on the lowest shelves so they can access them without your help (but make sure to place your needles, pins, paints, and glue guns far out of reach).

Keep it Updated

As you add supplies and use up others, your organization will shift around like it’s got a mind of its own! So be sure to take the time to reorganize the space every so often. If you buy supplies faster than you use them and find yourself running out of storage space, you may have to get creative and make more space by placing a hanging shoe bin on the inside of the closet door—and maybe on the outside, too.

Once your craft closet is neatly organized, you’ll be excited to dig into your next creative project as soon as you feel inspired.