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To get the most cost-effective cooling out of your portable air conditioner, your unit will require just a little bit of your attention for regular maintenance and cleaning. Lucky for you, it’s a breeze to care for modern portable A/C units. Unlike those rickety old things our parents dealt with, today’s air conditioners are lighter, easier to “disassemble” for cleaning, and a whole lot quieter, too.

Your greatest battle to keep the cool air blowing will be against dust, pollen, and pet fur. So, give your unit a once-over every 30 days or so to make sure it’s as clean as can be. Here’s how:

  1.  Grab Your Owner’s Manual
    If you don’t have one, you can visit the manufacturer’s website and do a search of your unit’s model number to pull up a digital version.

  2.  Unplug It
    Never work on an electric appliance that’s plugged in!

  3. Clean the Filter
    Today’s portable A/C units—both floor and window styles—usually include one easy-to-remove filter that you can just slide out and rinse under cool water. Use a little dish soap if needed. Then set the filter aside to dry before reinserting it.

  4. Clean the Exterior
    While the filter is drying, remove dust from the exterior of the unit by running your vacuum cleaner and brush attachment across the front grille and around any seams that may have collected pet fur and other debris. You can also use a clean, damp cloth to wipe fingerprints and dust from the exterior.

  5. Check the Intake Coils
    Your final plan of attack against dust buildup will be on the intake coils on the outside of the unit. If you see dust buildup, you can carefully vacuum the back of the unit using a vacuum and brush attachment.

Remember, if you have a portable A/C unit on a rent-to-own plan from Aaron’s and it doesn’t seem to be running properly or blowing cool enough air, you can always ask for assistance. Service and repair benefits are included in your rent to own agreement!