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Gifts, gifts and more gifts! The holiday season is the ultimate time to give, receive and spread love. Since there can always be a last-minute party you’ll need a gift for, here are some cute homemade gifts that you can put together super quick – and they’re affordable too!


Mug + hot chocolate packet

The best winter nights are spent inside, in front of a fire with a cup of hot chocolate in hand (mmmm, that would hit the spot right now). Give someone a mug stuffed with their favorite hot chocolate packets or coffee beans. From winter-themed cups to a mug with Santa’s face, there are tons of festive ones to choose from that you can give to whoever you’d like!

Mason Jar snow globe

Snow globes are a cute way of bringing a winter wonderland into someone’s home – and it’s a great gift! Some DIY snow globes use water or baby oil to give it the full effect, but ours will be water-less (and super simple, we promise). Here are instructions on how to turn a simple mason jar into a personalized snow globe:


–       Mason jar

–       Photo (1/2 inch smaller than the jar itself)

–       Jingle bells or pine cones

–       Glue


1.      Choose a cute photo to use of your and a family member or friend, depending on who is receiving the gift.

2.     Print out your photo and cut it so it fits properly into the jar.

3.     Roll up the photo and slide it into the mason jar upside down, making sure the bottom of the photo is towards the top of the jar.

·       Quick tip – flip your mason jar upside down, having the lid on the bottom, to make sure your photo is the correct orientation 😊

4.     Now, you can decorate the inside with some jingle bells or nice pine pieces! Glue those cute additions to the inside of the lid (just make sure you have enough room to close the lid).

If you want to take your snow globe up a notch, check out this awesome DIY example.


Homemade fudges or sauces

Who doesn’t love candies and sweets that are made from scratch? If you enjoy making yummy treats, use your talent to make some delicious chocolatey bites for anyone to munch on. Here’s a simple chocolate fudge recipe that only has five ingredients! If you don’t bake, no need to worry! Go to your local sweets shop and snag some tasty fudge or cookies.


A gift basket

Creating a fun gift basket is a simple and cute gift. And you can whip one up quickly and easily – and it’s affordable! Come up with a theme that fits their interests. Have a friend that’s a movie buff? Pack some candy, popcorn packets, a big re-usable popcorn container, and a $5 movie – it will be a thoughtful gift that they’ll use and love!


Have a friend that could use a spa day? Make a basket that will have them feeling relaxed in no time! Put together some lotions, candles and bath soaps. While using your meaningful gift, they can close their eyes and feel relaxed in no time – all they’ll need is cucumber slices over their eyes.


DIY Photo candle

A candle is an easy go-to gift that anyone can use so why not step it up a notch and personalize it? Choose a fun group photo, or selfie, that you want to use. For a simple and quick way to personalize a candle, check out our fave DIY photo candle video.


Jingle Jars for kids!

Since the song ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ will be stuck in children’s head for the entire month, why not give them a jingle jar? Fill up a mason jar with delicious goodies of chocolate, peppermint patties and other winter sweets as a gift. Use hot glue and put a colored jingle bell at the top of the jar (on the lid itself) for the final touch. And this is a great stocking stuffer for your kiddos (it will seem like there’s a lottttt of stuff in their stocking 😊)