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If you’re thinking about investing in a snow blower but you’re concerned about the ongoing maintenance one may require, don’t be deterred. Most homeowners use either single-stage or two-stage models because they are dependable for getting the job done without more extensive professional service (like three-stage models). If you provide a little care and proper storage, these models will serve you well for many seasons to come. Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect.

Caring for Single-Stage and Two-Stage Snow Blowers

Both of these models can be well cared for at home throughout a season of use if you know to keep an eye on three key areas: the engine, the tires, and the skid shoes & shave plate.

Engine: Similar to an automobile, your snow blower will come with a maintenance schedule for optimal engine performance. The schedule will include details on checking or changing the engine oil, checking the spark plugs and when to take them for service, and cleaning the exhaust area.


Tires: Unless your model has airless tires, you’ll want to keep an eye on your snow blower’s tire pressure. Check it before each use by referring to the recommended psi located on the tire’s side wall. Inflate or deflate each tire to the correct pressure to get optimal performance.


Skid Shoes & Shave Plate: The skid shoes are located on the bottom of your machine, on the outside of the housing to protect it from dragging on a surface that’s being cleared. The shave plate is also located on the bottom of your snow blower where it works to scrape snow from a surface. Both need to be visually inspected periodically for severe wear and tear. Replacements can be done quickly and easily by a professional. Instructions are provided in manufacturer’s manuals, too.


Storing Your Snow Blower for the Off-Season

When preparing your machine for off-season storage—or a storage period expected to be 30 days or longer—follow the steps below.

  • Run the engine until the fuel tank is empty.

  • Lubricate the machine as instructed by your maintenance manual.

  • Clean the exterior of the engine and the machine as a whole.

  • If it will be stored in an unventilated area, rustproof it with a coat of light oil or silicone.

  • Store it in a clean, dry place (in the operating position with both wheels and auger housing on the ground).

Always refer to the manuals specifically written for your brand and model of snow blower. And when you’re unsure about providing care and maintenance on your own, always check in with a professional service provider!

Did you know you can rent to own snow blowers from Aaron’s, and if the machine isn’t working properly during your agreement period, service and repair benefits are included? Just contact your local store for assistance if you need it!

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