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You don’t have to be a hoarder to have too much stuff. It’s okay to have… stuff, but even a little clutter can make it difficult to feel relaxed at home. Maybe you have too many shoes, or piles of the kids’ old artwork. Your teen may have clothes and school supplies and sports gear, or odds & ends collected for a future crafting project. If so, you or someone in your family may be a… PACK RAT!


Don’t panic! It’s okay to be a pack rat. We’re human and we find comfort in our collections just like the mouse-like little rodents who love to bring shiny objects back to their nests (aka packrats… yes, they’re real animals!). It’s only when our piles and stacks become obstacles that we have to worry. So, before all that stuff becomes too much—and as long as you’re confident everything you’ve collected truly sparks joy—you may need to keep your inner pack rat in check by adding some storage furniture around your home.


Storage Cabinets

These kinds of pieces are often referred to as “accent cabinets” because they’re excellent for filling empty space. If you’re living in a smaller home, or just need more places to put things, it’s important to make every square inch count. So don’t just add a cute little side table for interest, add a cute little storage cabinetthat can do double duty by looking good and holding your stuff.


Storage Benches 

These do-it-all pieces can boost your style status, add seating, and stash your stuff! A hall tree or storage bench with storage cubes placed by the door will remind the kids to put away their gear as soon as they arrive home. A tough wooden storage bench can do some heavy lifting in the living room as both a coffee table and storage box for blankets, papers, holiday decorations, books and more.


Storage Beds

Extra storage in the bedroom can be extra helpful for kids. Storage beds with drawers underneath are great for quickly hiding away all those toys that are usually on the floor. And for grownup spaces? Under-the-bed storage drawers are perfect for stashing extra linens or seasonal items that take up too much room in the closet.


Even if you don’t think you qualify as a bona fide pack rat, pieces like these can help you—and your family—manage your collections on your own long before a neighbor calls in the TV crew and commercial dumpster. And there’s no need to worry if your budget is tight. You can rent to own the perfect storage piece for your space!