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Somewhere in your closet, there’s an old sweater that you just can’t bring yourself to throw out. It no longer fits, but it’s your favorite color. Or maybe it’s damaged and unwearable, but its fibers still hold a cherished memory. We get it! You’re keeping it around because you love it. But you can keep it around while giving it a purpose that’s way better than hiding in your closet.

By following a few easy steps, you can turn that old sweater into a new throw pillow! All you need for this DIY project are basic hand sewing skills and a few supplies that are already in your home. (If they’re not, you can find them by pretty easily by thrifting, garage sale shopping, or scouring clearance racks.)

Materials for the Throw Pillow

  • pillow form/old pillow to cover

  • sweater to cut up

  • scissors

  • sewing needle

  • thread

  • t-pins

  • ribbon or other decoration

Assembling the Throw PIllow

Step 1: Turn the sweater inside out and flatten on a table. Place the form for your pillow on top of the sweater to get an estimate of where to make your first cuts. My pillow is from an antique vanity bench, so it’s very flat and square. The body of my boxy, oversized Shaker knit sweater is already the perfect size.

Step 2: Use pins to mark your cut lines. Then, carefully cut the sweater keeping the fabric as straight as possible . Knits are stretchy, so the measurements don’t have to perfect, but your cuts should be about ½’ beyond the edges of your pillow form.

Step 3: Pin together three of the four open edges of your fabric and hand stitch seams on all three sides. You’ll now have a fabric “pocket.” Turn it right side out and insert your pillow form.

Step 4: Hand stitch the open edge of the pocket to close the pillow form inside. I used the bottom edge of my sweater to fashion a flap, folded it over, and tied it closed using ribbon.

The results of this DIY project are win-win! You can continue to cherish your beloved piece of clothing and have a truly unique item for your home. Display the finished pillow on a decorative bench or side table, or put it to use as a cozy addition to your couch. Wherever it goes, you’ll be reminded of something you love.