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Want to spruce up your home décor but don’t know where to start? Piece together picture frames to create a unique collage displaying fun memories – and good news, it’s not that hard!


Use the Perfect Location

Location, location, location is suuuper important. You don’t want to choose a wall that will never be seen. Pick an open space to showcase your pictures to bring life to the room. Here are some photo collage examples to spark ideas for the perfect place to feature a collage in your home.


Coordinate Colored Frames

Have your color scheme set already? No problem – your picture frames can follow suit! Mix and match two colors of frames to show your classic photos. If your furniture is neutral, you can always go with a combination of white, black or beige frames.


Photo Type

Decorate your space by mixing and matching pictures of your favorite people and places! So dust off the old family photos and reminisce while you choose the perfect ones to display. You can even print off some of your favorite sayings to add to the collection.


Match Shapes and Sizes

Jazz up your collage by choosing funky sized and multi-shaped frames! Your finished product will reflect your own creativity. Check out this awesome family picture gallery that’s decked out in fun sized and colored frames.