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Remember salt dough? That plain white, playdough-like dough we all made crafts and tree ornaments with back in play school, kindergarten, or scouts? Salt dough can stand the test of time if final projects are well-cared for. If you’re like us, your parents may still show off some of your old salt dough ornaments by hanging them on the family Christmas tree.
The basic salt dough recipe requires only three ingredients: flour, salt, and water. These are cheap ingredients found in every kitchen and while we don’t recommend eating the dough, it’s okay if the kids get a little in their mouths. You know how they have a hard time holding themselves back from tasting things that seem like food.
The only other supplies you may want to have on hand are cookie cutters, water or acrylic paints and brushes, markers, glue, beads, glitter, sprinkles, and string for hanging. The links below may include more suggestions for specific designs, or you can just let your creativity flow!
Salt Dough Basics

If you’re ready to make some salt dough—either on your own or with the kids—the Mod Podge Rocks blog is a great starting point. Their post EASY Salt Dough Ornaments That Last Forever includes a dough recipe, tips on sealing and preserving, trouble-shooting assistance, and ideas for ornament shapes and decorations.
No-Bake Salt Dough

Chalking Up Success! On YouTube shares a five-minute video guide on How to Make Salt Dough Ornaments (A No-Bake Recipe) so you can get on to making without getting the oven involved. Her ornament design examples are inspiring in their beauty and simplicity.
No Cookie Cutters Required

The folks at Kid Friendly Things to Do have a clever ornament that even your littlest artists can do. This Melted Snowman Salt Dough Ornament makes messy crafting skills part of the creative concept.
Next time you need a boredom buster, whip up some salt dough and put idle hands to work on one of these projects, a gift, or some new ornaments for the tree, their room, or around the home.