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When you’re craving that late-night snack, don’t waste time rummaging through your pantry looking for a bag of chips. A clean, organized pantry will have you in and out quickly! Here are five tips to keep your pantry organized.



1.      Clean, Clean, Clean

Take everything out of your pantry and lay it out on the countertop. Sweep the floor and clean the shelves to get rid of extra food and dust. Before putting anything back where it was, sort through your goods, and double check if anything needs to be tossed (you’d be surprised how many foods have expired).


2.      Raise Up Cans

Stacked shelf organizers are super convenient for canned foods! Use these to stack goods and make use of all that height in your cabinets, while keeping your cans organized – sounds like a win win to us


3.      Categorize by Food Type

Arrange your food by meal, so you know exactly where to look when you open the pantry. You can get cheap bins from your local dollar store, label them based on the time of day: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. It’s perfect for grab and go and easy for the kiddos!



4.      Remove Excess Packaging

Whyyyy do people put cereal boxes back into the pantry, when there’s hardly anything left?! V annoying. Anyway, get rid of that extra packaging and label containers to house bulk items, like cereal, pasta and rice. For some labeling ideas,  check out this link.


5.      Lazy Susan for the Win

For extra sauces or salad dressings, a lazy susan is perfect. Here’s a link to one of our faves.