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It’s just about two weeks until Halloween weekend!! We’ve scoured the web and found four the easiest, spoopiest wreaths you can make for your door to let trick-or-treaters know you’re open for business and dishing out the best candy on the block. These wreaths are easy enough that you can enlist the kids for a little help, too. All of the supplies should be available at a dollar store or big craft store. Let’s craft!
Black Cat Wreath
We never knew it was so cheap and easy to add some fluffy fun to your home. All you need for this DIY wreath is a 12” wreath form, a big skein of black yarn, black pipe cleaners, and black felt, craft foam, or construction paper. Either a floral foam or a flat wood wreath form will work just fine. Don’t forget scissors, glue, and ribbon for hanging! Get the instructions here from Shaken Together Life: Black Cat Wreath.
Pumpkin Tulle Wreath
Real pumpkins are pretty heavy, so you might want to consider making this tulle pumpkin for your front door instead. This easy-peasy craft can even stay up through Thanksgiving. All you need is a 12” foam wreath form (although we think an embroidery hoop would probably do the trick), orange tulle, green tulle (or ribbon), brown felt, craft foam, or construction paper and, of course, scissors, glue, and a ribbon for hanging! Vanessa Crafts has all the details here: Pumpkin Tulle Wreath.
Spiderweb Wreath
Are spiders spoopy? They definitely deliver some heebie-jeebies, so we think they’re more like borderline CREEPY! Nevertheless, if spiders are your jam, this wreath will definitely serve Halloween vibes in a matter of minutes! All you need is a large embroidery hoop (12” or bigger!), black acrylic paint, a bag of plastic spiders, a bag of spider web (you know, it’s that white fluffy stuff that looks like cotton pillow stuffing) and scissors, glue, and a ribbon for hanging. Get the directions from My Sister’s Suitcase blog: Spiderweb Wreath.
Googly Eyeballs Wreath
If you want to have that ‘80s song “Somebody’s Watching Me” stuck in your head day and night, this wreath is for you. This one is the easiest to make, but it will take a little bit longer to assemble. For supplies, you’ll need a 12” or larger wreath form, write ribbon or yarn, about 250 ping pong balls, a bag of googly eyes, and scissors, glue, and a wire or ribbon for hanging. By the way, the wreath form is just your base for the ping pong balls, so anything substantial enough to handle that will work. But, if you buy foam, keep the plastic on the outside so the glue will stick! No. 2 Pencil explains how to DIY this one here: Googly Eyeballs Wreath.
If you make any of these—or some up with your own DIY Halloween wreath—leave a comment with a photo below!