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This cold weather is here to stay, at least for awhile – and we’re always looking for ways to cut through the chill. Cranking up the heat can be rough on your gas bill unless you follow these tips (not to mention a good way to start a thermostat setting war between all the members of your household). A good blanket helps you beat the cold, but some of those fancy throws can break the bank, and hand-me-downs come with memories AND a slightly musty smell. We recommend making your own blanket this winter with affordable supplies and minimum effort.

One of the big issues people have with making their own blankets is a lack of sewing skills. Don’t worry if this sounds familiar – this craft involves absolutely no sewing whatsoever. Just a little fabric, a pair of scissors and a few knots. We promise you’ll be snug as a bug in a rug in no time. Let’s get started.


Supplies You’ll Need

  • 2 yards of patterned fleece fabric

  • 2 yards of solid fleece fabric

  • Fabric scissors

  • Ruler or measuring tape

  • Pins

Making Your Blanket in 7 Easy Steps

  1. First, select fabric patterns and colors that match your décor. You can also incorporate your favorite pattern or sports team logo. It’s all up to you.

  2. Next, lay the two pieces of fleece fabric on top of each other and line up the edges. Make sure the vibrant-colored side is facing out on the patterned fleece.

  3. Pin them together with fabric pins. Careful with your fingers.

  4. Grab your measuring tape and use it to measure 3” in from the corner. This is where you will start cutting the strips in the fabric.

  5. Cut 3” long, 1” wide strips along each side of the fleece, using your trusty measuring tape as a guide.

  6. Tie the two strips together with a simple knot to complete the fringe around the fleece.

  7. Taaadaaa! Now all you have to do is grab your hot chocolate and relax.





Now you have a homemade blanket you can keep on the back of the couch, draped over a comfy chair or folded at the foot of your bed.  If you’re a little taller or want to make a blanket that fits an entire bed, just use bigger pieces of fabric. You can even make a larger one that fits two people so you can share the coziness.

Happy crafting!