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The Right Way To Wash Your Comforter

When was the last time your comforter went through a spin cycle? We get it – you avoid cleaning it at all costs since it’s bulky and takes foreverrrrr to dry. But, did you know that not washing your comforter could also impact your health? Yikes! If your comforter has seen better days, keep reading to figure out the best way to wash it (hint: aim for at least once a season).

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How to Read Laundry Symbols

If you’re like us, laundry symbols on clothing tags might as well be written in Egyptian hieroglyphs. It can be almost impossible to guess their meanings without a guide. Our previous laundry experience might have resulted in shrunken jeans, faded t-shirts and stained whites, but after a little research, we’ve cracked the code on those confusing symbols and translated them into plain English.

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