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A young boy smiles as he puts money into his pink ceramic piggy bank.

Budgeting Tips

Should You Give Your Kid(s) an Allowance?

Allowance probably seemed like a simple concept when it first came up, or when you were first asked. If you’ve talked to other parents about…
A Black father sits at the table with a tablet and helps his daughter do schoolwork on her laptop.

Back to School Supplies You Can Rent to Own

It’s hard to believe, but it’s almost back-to-school time! **screaming face emoji ** You may have little ones headed off to their first day of…
Close-up on a chef lighting up a gas stove burner with a match.

Ranges: Cooking with Gas vs. Electricity

Our preferences in the kitchen are often determined by what we learned as kids. We pick up tips and tricks from our moms and grandmas,…

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How to Make a Fall Wreath

Looking to add some fall elements to your home decor? Head to your local dollar store to make this inexpensive and festive fall wreath. Bonus:…
October 9, 2018

How to Read Laundry Symbols

If you’re like us, laundry symbols on clothing tags might as well be written in Egyptian hieroglyphs. It can be almost impossible to guess their…
August 23, 2018